Monday, December 26, 2005

Video Recycling

When I'm performing at shows, people come up to me and ask me: Where do you get your content from?
My answer is always the same: EVERYWHERE.
I like to create stuff from scratch, shooting video, photos, rendering original animations or sampling from many sources. Yes, Sampling. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, maybe because most of the music that I listen to makes use of this same technique, Sampling is an artform and you shouldn't feel bad about doing it (as long as you avoid the well known cliches of course). Here is an example I made using 2 clips from a Japanese movie, I only took a couple of frames of each sample, because the shots on the movie where really short, so I looped each one of them over and over to make them longer. On the Video you can see the 2 raw samples and then the recycled result with a little help of After effects, displacement mapping and color correction. Enjoy!


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Blogger Morgan said...

wow! that is SWEET! my girlfriend and I just got into video art and are enamoured. there is so much out there and we'd both love to learn more. would you be in to having a special meetup to talk about some of your work? i think it's brilliant stuff and i'm curious as to how you work.

i also came across this. have you seen it?

cool video paintbrush

10:15 AM  
Blogger Miguex said...

Oh, thanks, man.
I'm sure we can work something out for the meetup!

Great link, I hope you don't mind me posting it!

Thanks again!

11:19 AM  

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