Monday, February 06, 2006

Superbowl night at the Belly Up

So while everyone was getting trashed during superbowl, I was setting up for another night of visuals at the Belly Up.
I also got a new camera so I was trying to get some shots while the musicians / Djs where setting up.
If there are any photographers reading this, I would appreciate some tips, on how to improve my shots in low light with no flash, I'm only trying to get my screens mainly and I would like the on stage people to be as sharp as possible. I do not mind if they (performers) are dark, again, I'm only trying to capture the screens. Thanks in advance!

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Anonymous SiD said...

stick with the tripod.
shoot at 400... 800 with that camera with create a bit too much noise.
the tripod will keep your screens and the frame sharp... the movement with the performers is what you will have to watch... look out for moments of stillness with the performers and shoot that. handheld will just result in camera shake.

unfortunately, this is not a perfect situation for creating pictures.. but it can work... tripod, set the cam to iso 400 or 800 and preframe up those shots. shoot some tests... also see if they can bring up some front lights. that will help with exposure of the performers.

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