Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Video Recycling 2

Ok, so here is another experiment I made with only still images.
My friend Walker just came back from India so for his next gig I wanted to use some of his pictures as visuals but I wanted to create something a little more elaborated than just placing the images and applying an effect, so I went to a few sites in hope to gather some more content. For textures I like to go to Image After, it's free and it's a great resource, from where I picked a wall texture, a ground texture and a paper texture.

Then I went to DaFont and downloaded a copy of Prakrta, and used Illustrator to create the graffiti that says "Bhangra not dead" and " Bhangra Beats, Drink Up!" the rest was color corrected and placed together in Photoshop, I masked out the background on the kids pictures, and merged the Hindu artwork with the paper texture, in order to make it look like it had the texture of a real poster applied to the wall.

Then opened a composition in After Effects, and placed the elements in 3D space, created a camera layer and adjusted focus, aperture and blur levels in order to make it look as real as possible, then is just a matter of moving the camera around.
I know I shoulded adjust the ease on the camera keyframes a little bit better but I couldn't spent much time on this project the show was that same night!!! To learn more about After Effects, you may visit: the Creative Cow tutorials.

You may download and use this clips for Vjing Here



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