Monday, May 22, 2006

Oxygene 7 | Jean Michel Jarre

[ English ]
I remember watching this concert on public TV (or maybe the one in Russia), and though I was younger, I remember being sucked in, by the visual aspect first, then the music. That was the first time I ever heard of Michel Jarre, to me a very influencial artist, musically and visually.
I also remember looking for ever for his CD Odyssey through O2, because I read in Future Music, that came with a little application to mix visuals to the music, and it was almost impossible to get in Argentina, so I had to special order it by mail. The application I believe was called Jarkaos, (an early version of Arkaos maybe?). And I played around with it for months...

[ Castellano ]
Recuerdo haber visto este concierto en la tele (o tal vez era el que fue en Russia), yo era mas pequeño, pero recuerdo que me atraparon las visuales primero, y luego la musica. Esa fue la primera vez que oi sobre Michel Jarre, para mi uno de los artistas mas influenciales musica y visualmente. Recuerdo haber buscado por todos lados su CD Odyssey through O2 por que venia con una aplicacion llamada Jarkaos (quizas el inicio de Arkaos?) y recuerdo haberlo jugado con el por muchos meses...


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