Friday, September 29, 2006

Event: BrokenBeat Night







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Saturday, Oct 7th 2006
BrokenBeat Night@ Kadan
Cheap drinks, cool peeps, record release ...

Listen up! This is the record release party for our boy Tom Burbanks Planet-Mu (owned by u-ziq) release, "Famous First Words".....

TOM BURBANK (Planet Mu, BrokenBeat) Live Electronic

Professor Coldbanks has been in the lab conjurin up some science to drop for ya.. playin tracks from Planet mu release "Famous First Words" review from .uk:

"Tom Burbank's album is a bit of a smasher really. Providing a selection of funky, not too hard cuts that cross various boundaries including Prefuse-esque chopped up beats, classic Electronica and even a spot of processed Folk, it's a pleasingly varied and beautifully put together selection of tracks. Flitting from sound to sound like a butterfly, but always managing to stay there long enough to pique your interest at all times. Fresh, interesting and thoroughly engaging, this is a real winner from Planet Mu."

TUFFER (BrokenBeat) dj

Dropin the newest drum n bass selections, Chris is an og dnb head set to close out the night right

DJ JON BAKER (BrokenBeat) dj

Smuggled across the border several times over and servin up some melodic-glitchy appetizers to open up the evening

MEMESHIFT (ShareSD) Live Electronic

ShareSD founder Morgan was born to a cat and a thorn. Before one year of age he was smuggled out of Indonesia and spent his childhood running through rainforests in Hawaii. Later in life, electronic experimentation began, he came up with the idea of an online community for electronic musicians in San Diego when struck by a bolt of lightning. -

VJ SHIKAKU (Accent Feed) Live Visuals


Kadan in North Park,
4696 30th street,
(Corner of 30th & Adams Ave.)
21 + 9PM - 2 AM


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