Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Nokia Store | Universal Everything

[ English ]
Universal Everything created an interactive video installation for a 28 screen HD videowall destined to Nokia Flagship store in NYC. Designed by Eight Inc, the first two floors are walled with luminous, color changing panels that wrap around flat panel displays and product pedestals. The displays feature a rotation of animations by various boutique graphic power houses including Hi-Res, Tomato, The Hanazuki Company, Graphic Havoc y Phunk Studio. One nice touch is that when you pick up a product a layer overlays the animation to show all the details on that item.

[ Castellano ]
Universal Everything acaba de finalizar una video-instalacion interactiva para un videowall HD de 28 pantallas para el local Nokia Flagship en Nueva York.
Disenado por Eight Inc, los dos primeros pisos tienen paredes luminosas que cambian de color y rodean los paneles de video. Los monitores presentan una serie de animaciones creadas por varias agencias de motion graphics, entre ellas, Hi-Res, Tomato, The Hanazuki Company, Graphic Havoc and Phunk Studio.
Parece ademas que cuando levantas uno de los productos para explorarlo, Una animacion se superimpone sobre los fondos en las pantallas para mostrar detalles sobre el producto.

VIA: Cool Hunting

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