Friday, May 11, 2007

Vj Defektv | Demoreel 07

[ English ]
"From Brussels to London via Berlin and Barcelona, Defektv have played their mighty dark and glitchy visuals in Anti-Sonar underground parties, Luv*Jam and Krass along artists such as Andrew Weatherall, Boyznoise and Coley! (Madrugada/Mulletover/Playtime)."
Here is their new demoreel, their visuals kept me entertained the whole time. Some really nice stuff in there!

[ Castellano ]
"Desde Bruselas a Londres pasando por Berlin y Barcelona, Defektv ha participado con sus visuales glitchy / oscuros en fiestas como Anti-Sonar, Luv Jam y Krass."
Aqui su nuevo demoreel, sus visuales son mas que entretenidas hay muy buenos momentos por ahi.

Via: Showreels @ Vjforums

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