Monday, May 12, 2008

Naked : Paris

HINT: Play both videos at the same time (mute volume on top one)

[ English ]
I'm really really impressed with the quality of work coming from Paris based Naked, while they do mostly motion graphics, not Vjing, on this particular project for the NRJ Music Awards and recording artist Mika, they developed concert visuals, that while they really did not have the responsive connection/ interaction that a live video artist could provide, they did create an interesting atmosphere during the performance. Great graphics, simple but with a great feel. You can see both above the motion output and the actual show broadcasted on French TV, with the graphics in the background. Make sure you browse around Naked's website, all their projects look amazing.

[ Castellano ]
Estoy mas que impresionado con el trabjo de la agencia de motion graphics Francesa, Naked. Si bien su trabajo no es directamente Vjing, en este proyecto particular realizado para los NRJ Music Awards y el musico Mika, crearon unos fondos animados para el evento, que si bien no ofrece la respuesta / coneccion inmediata que un artista visual en vivo puede otorgar, creo que sirven para crear una atmosfera visual durante la presentacion del artista. Arriba pueden ver los dos, el trabajo de animacion que se uso durante el evento, y la transmicion emitida en la television francesa durante el concierto.

PISTA: Es buena idea mirar los dos al mismo tiempo (muteando el audio del video de mas arriba)

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