Friday, April 11, 2008

Y Conference Visuals

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[ English ]
A few weeks ago, the AIGA Y-13 Conference was held here in San Diego. I was commissioned to do all the motion work to brand the conference and later I got the chance to organize the entertainment for the after party.
The conference targeted graphic designers and discussed their possibilities to develop sustainable solutions (and questions) on their work.
The first part was the opening montage (for each day). The entire work was done in After Effects and Illustrator. That, took most of my time, considering that I'm still new to AE, but I think overall it came out clean.

For the after party I decided to team up with the Djs Beau (Re:Up Magazine) and Walker (Brokenbeat) for the music, and for the visuals I wanted to keep the branding used for the conference, So I did a bit of a remix of the original opening montage, and added a few elements, the faces you see, are from the conference speakers, the type work gives 15 easy to accomplish eco-friendly tips to apply on their work, a short stop motion animation showing the conference's badge, and through the entire Vj set I aimed to keep in tune with all the visual elements used on the conference, colors, type family, etc.

During the opening montage, a series of quotes, from different people were used, from John Lennon to Stephen Hawken, I suggested that those same quotes were mixed with the music as well. Not to mention all 3 of us where dressed with black turtle necks and black framed glasses (designer stereotype). fun night!

[ Castellano ]
Algunas semanas atras, la conferencia AIGA Y-13 Conference fue llevada acabo aqui en San Diego, La conferencia iba dirigida a disenadores y discutia las posibilidades de generar preguntas y respuestas con animos de crear un trabajo mas en tono con el medio ambiente. A mi cargo estaban las animaciones para el branding del evento, incluyendo el after party.
Los montajes de apertura (uno para cada dia) fueron realizados en After effects e Illustrator, que fue lo que mas tiempo me llevo, considerando que aun soy un poco novato con AE, pero dentro de todo creo que salio bastante limpio.

Para el After Party decidi agruparme con los Djs Beau (revista Re:Up) y Walker (Brokenbeat) para la musica y para las visuales queria mantener la tematica del evento, por lo que remixe el montaje de apertura, las caras que se ven son de los presentadores de la conferencia, Los loops de tipografia describen 15 pasos simples para incorporar en el trabajo del disneador a fines de crear opciones eco-amigables. Manteniendo los colores e incorporando la marca de la conferencia dentro de las visuales. Durante los montajes de apertura se pueden oir frases sobre la sustentabilidad que van desde John Lennon hasta Stephen Hawken, esas mismas frases fueron mezcladas con la musica durante la fiesta. Para rematar los tres nos vestimos con polera negra y anteojos de cuadro negros (estereotipo de disenador) Muy divertido.

Opening Montage:

After Party Visuals:

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