Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Umps Unzin | Depart

Umps Unzin from depart on Vimeo.

[ English ]
Some really nice work by Vienna based artist Depart, I love the organic feel that you get with Processing, beautiful work I can watch it for hours. The music/ sounds were done by Zanshin (Gregor Ladenhauf).

Thanks Desaxismundi !

[ Castellano ]
Muy bueno el trabajo del Austriaco Depart, me encanta el sentimiento organico que se logra con Processing, realmente magnifico puedo mirarlo por horas. La musica/ Sonidos fueron creados por anshin (Gregor Ladenhauf).

Gracias Desaxismundi !


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Anonymous Morgan said...

This totally reminds me of Gantz Graf (by Autechre - I think Chris Cunningham did this one, but it doesn't seem like his typical style).

9:52 PM  

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