Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Interchange | Kosma

[ English ]
Interchange is an audiovisual piece, created by Wojceich Kosma, controlled by the Playstation Portable gaming device. The player performs some composed graph score consisting of 98 boxes. Each box represents a note and a shape. The number inside the box is a pitch/length of loop. The player is free to choose any box and make any rhythmical entrance.

[ Castellano ]
Interchange es una pieza audiovisual creada por Wojceich Kosma, que es controlada por el Playstation Portable. El usuario (o jugador?) controla algunos de los elementros en una tabla grafica que consiste en 98 celdas. Cada celda representa una nota y una forma. El numero dentro de la celda indica el pitch / duracion del loop. El usuario es libre de elejir cualquier celda y cambiar sus algoritmos.


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Anonymous trace said...

I saw that on cybersonica last week, to be honest, it wasn't too great. The psp just was sending different sound frequences, and probably there was a computer deforming a 3d object depending of the audio frequency.

I was quite dissapointed with everything in cybesonica, I expected quite a lot more :/

2:29 AM  
Blogger Miguex said...

I'm sorry to hear that. I guess that beign at the actual event gives you a different perspective, All I have is that video and it looked pretty interesting to me.

So the PSP only changes the sound frequency? the actual graphics was changed from another source synched up with the sound patterns?

7:39 AM  
Anonymous trace said...

yep, that's exactly how I think it worked (I cheked which ports of the PSP they were using, and the WiFi wasn't being used, so, there was only one jack connected to the psp.

5:33 AM  

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