Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Brokenbeat Feb 07 | Footage

Momo the Monster @ Brokenbeat Feb 2007

[ English ]
Here are some pics and video from the last brokenbeat, with Momo the Monster as our Guest Vj, There is also some footage of the night, The first video is a bit of Momo's visual set for Disrupter, the second video is a fragment from our set together for Frik n Frak.

I managed to put together a translucid screen for this event, still working on how to improve it a bit, but it's coming along.
One thing I noticed (and many of the Brokenbeat usuals) is that usually people hang out in the back of the venue, this time people where in front, was it the music? the new screen? or maybe Momo's charm?

[ Castellano ]
Aqui algunas fotos de lo que fue el ultimo Brokenbeat con nuestro VJ invitado, Momo the Monster tambien subi unos videos de esa noche, el primero es un fragmento del set de Momo para Disrupter, el segundo es un fragmento de nuestro set juntos para Frik n Frak.

Para este ultimo evento arme una pantalla translucida, todavia tratando de mejorarla pero va saliendo. Una cosa que notamos es que en grall siempre la gente se queda en la parte de atras, esta vez la concentracion de gente se vino para adelante, habra sido la musica?, la pantalla nueva? o quizas el talento de momo?

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