Monday, June 02, 2008

Brokenbeat Loves Vjs

Vj Cozer @ Brokenbeat - March08 VJ COZER- San Diego, CA

Vj Übergeek  @ Brokenbeat Sept 07 VJ ÜBERGEEK - San Diego, CA - Watch Video

Vj Ecin @ Brokenbeat VJ ECIN - Los Angeles, CA - Watch Video

VJ Mezi @ Broeknbeat Nov 2006 MEZI - San Diego, CA - Watch Video

Tycho/ ISO50 @ Brokenbeat - July 2007 TYCHO/ ISO50 - Bay Area, CA - Watch Video

Vj ReVision @ Brokenbeat | 03.07 RE:VISION - San Diego, CA - Watch Video

Vj Raster  @ Brokenbeat VJ RASTER - San Diego, CA - Watch Video

BB_May_08 13.jpg VJ SAL - Tijuana, MX

BB_Jan_08 1.jpg ANDREW PATES - San Diego, CA

Momo the Monster @ Brokenbeat Feb 2007 MOMO THE MONSTER - Portland, OR - Watch Video

Cinema Sushi @ Brokenbeat CINEMA SUSHI VJS - San Diego, CA - Watch Video

Brokenbeat_Dec  219.jpg VJ FILL - Los Angeles, CA

Just wanted to share a few pictures I took from some of the VJs that had performed the past year at Brokenbeat, The goal is to have at least 1 different Vj every night, I've met so many incredible artists thanks to this event, each one with their own style and set up, and since the nature of the VJ is to hang out in the dark, away from the spotlight, you can't really recognize their faces like it would happen with a Dj or a musician, so I thought it would be nice to put a face to the name. Thanks to everyone that was kind enough to support a FREE event, I hope we can have more new faces doing visuals soon!

Solo queria compartir algunas de las fotos que fui tomando de diferentes VJs que han participado en Brokenbeat en los ultimos meses, la meta seria traer al menos 1 Vj diferente cada noche, gracias a esto he podido conocer a varios artistas increibles, cada uno con su estilo, y su set up y como usualmente la naturaleza del VJ es estar en la oscuridad, nunca se les ven las caras, como pasaria con musicos y Djs. Pense que seria bueno poner algunas caras con los nombres. Gracias a todos los que han participado en un evento completamente GRATUITO, Ojala podamos seguir viendo caras nuevas haciendo visuales muy pronto!

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Anonymous vjFill said...

BrokenBeat is one of my favorite parties. I look forward to coming back and painting the walls again with digital light. Keep up the great music and visuals.

3:38 PM  
Blogger Miguex said...

always a pleasure to have you buddy!

10:49 AM  

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