Friday, September 19, 2008

Phylectic Museum | Seidel

[ English ]
Beautiful work by German artist, Robert Seidel
"Created for the 100th anniversary of the Phyletic Museum founded by Ernst Haeckel, Seidel’s centennial homage repurposed the museum as canvas for his palate of naturalist-sourced eye candy on 2/2/2008 in Jena, Germany."

[ Castellano ]
Maravilloso trabado del artista Aleman, Robert Seidel
"Creado para el 100 aniversario del Phyletic Museum, fundado por Ernst Haeckel, el honramiento de Seidel hacia el museo fue utilizar la fachada del museo como canvas para su arte naturalista en 2 de febrero del 2008, en Jena, Alemania"

Via: Strange | Beautiful

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