Thursday, November 06, 2008

RJDJ | iPhone app.

[ English ]
I have no words. This is just out of this planet.
I don't have an iPhone, but if I did, this is probably the first thing I would install on it.
The concept of reactive audio (and visuals) fascinates me and this guy (Michael I think is his name?) just took it to a new level.
On the video above, you can (sort of) experience what it feels like to use this, the initial scene when the kids are playing transforms into something surreal, almost as if you were on a dream state.

On the video below, you can find quick explanation of the different things you will find on RJDJ.

More info:

[ Castellano ]
Sin palabras! Esto es realmente increible.
Yo no tengo un iPhone, pero si tuviera uno, esta applicacion seria la primera que instalaria.
El concepto de audio reaccion (y video) me fascina y este hombre (Michael creo q se llama) lo acaba de transportar a otro nivel.
En el video de arriba se exerimentar (casi) lo que se siente cuando se usa RJDJ, la primera escena con las chicas jugando se transforma en algo surreal, como si estuvieras viviendo un sueƱo.

En el de mas abajo, se puede aprender un poco mas sobre las diferentes aplicaciones que se encuentran en RJDJ.

Mas info:

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