Wednesday, April 05, 2006

C.L.A.V.E | Ruairi Glynn

[ English ]
C.L.A.V.E. stands for Collaborative Live Audio Virtual Environment and it's a live visual application created by Ruari Glynn a student of Architectural Design in London.
"Using OpenGL inside of MaxMSP Jitter I built an application that took color and luminosity values and constructed 3 Dimensional topologies. The use of video provided a rich textured surface and came to life when live video was feed through it. I also added a second video input and was able to cross feed live and prerecorded footage to build collages of terrain."
Check C.L.A.V.E. at work on this video. You may also download the application from his site.

[ Castellano ]
C.L.A.V.E. son las iniciales de Collaborative Live Audio Virtual Environment [ algo asi como, Ambiente Colaborativo Audio Virtual para Directo] y es una aplicacion creada por Ruari Glynn, un estudiante de Diseno Arquitectonico de Londres.
"Usando Open GL dentro de MaxMSP Jitter, he creado una aplicacion que toma valores de color y luminosidad para construir topologias en tres dimensiones. El video proporciona texturas superficiales que toman vida cuando se alimenta video en directo a la aplicacion. Tambien agregue una segunda senal de video para poder hacer mezclas entre el video en directo y crudo pre-grabado para construir collages. Podes mirar como funciona C.L.A.V.E. en este video y ademas lo podes bajar desde su website.

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