Friday, October 27, 2006

Optronica | March 2007

[ English ]
Optronica is a hybrid of music festival and film festival taking place over 5 days in March 2007. in London, England. Resented as part of The PlayStation Season, the festival is organised by curators Cinefeel and artists/producers Addictive TV in partnership with the British Film Institute.
CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: visual music animations / music videos / video installations

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[ Castellano ]
Optronica Es un hibrido de festival de musica y cine con una duracion de 5 dias en el mes de Marzo del 2007 en Londres, Inglaterra. Organizado por Cinefeel y Addictive TV con el apoyo del
British Film Institute.

Via: Shift

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Anonymous Monkey said...

Playstation Season mach 2 - now running! With music, graphics, VJing, Djing... new content every day.

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