Monday, January 05, 2009

Kontakt | Ali Demirel

[ English ]
Contakt events explore themes of Identification, Connectivity and Security in our ever-changing technology dependant world. Through interactions with the Cube, the audience and performers are brought together in new and exciting ways, allowing direct contact and deeper connectivity than is normally available at these type of events.

A device called "The Cube" (a custom-built LED device) allows performers, and audience members (with member cards or not) to communicate and interact during the show through wireless, bluetooth and cellular technologies).

The fantastic visuals belong to Ali M. Demirel

This event makes me want to re-think the recent Top 10 list, and only reinforces my belief that you can't just measure these sort of thing with a top 10.

[ Castellano ]
Los eventos Contakt, exploran temas de identificacion, conectividad y seguridad durante el cambio constante que pasa por el mundo tecnologico-dependiente. Durante las interacciones con "El Cubo" (Un aparato construido para el evento con LED), permite a los musicos. visualistas y publico interactuar y comunicarse durante el show a travez de tecnologias inalambricas, bluetooth, y celulares.

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