Thursday, July 05, 2007

Liquid Space | Diesel

[ English ]
Diesel Recently presented their Liquid Space fashion show in Florence, Italy, featuring amazing projections that looked almost holographic, that moved up and down on the runway.
My theory on how its done: a translucid screen along one of the sides of the runway, allowed the audience to see the models and the floating graphics from both sides. Diesel Creative Director, Wilbert Das, teamed up with Danish based video technology studio, Vizoo and Barcelona based mograph studio Dvein to put together this one of a kind show.

My theory was incorrect, here is how it was done:

“The visuals are projected through a series of ‘foils’ into mid air, so you see the images in mid-air. The models can then interact with them and walk through them. We used plastic foils placed at 45 degree angles so that the projected light from the ceiling goes onto a foil, is reflected on to another and then into the air.

We worked it so it had a real catwalk feel and so that you could view it from both sides: you can see the models, the holograms and the public from both sides. It’s never been used this way before as the technology has just been used in the corporate world before, for sales presentations, and the visuals have always just been viewed from one side. So we set up two rigs instead."

Please check: Creative Review's Blog for more info on the process.

[ Castellano ]
Recientemente Diesel presento su show Liquid Space, en Florencia, Italia, donde se pudieron ver increibles proyecciones casi holograficas, moviendose a lo largo de la pasarela.
My teoria, sobre como se hizo: una pantalla translucida suspendida a lo largo de la pasarela sobre uno de los lados de la misma, permitia al publico observar a los modelos y animaciones desde los dos lados. El director creativo de Diesel, Wilbert Das, se agrupo con el estudio de tecnologia visual Danes, Vizoo y el estudio de animacion de Barcelona, Dvein para poner en escena este show.

My teoria era incorrecta, favor de revisar: Creative Review's Blog para mas informacion sobre el proceso.

Via: Motionographer

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