Thursday, January 15, 2009

Recap: Brokenbeat Jan '09

Cyber Patrol Unit @ Brokenbeat

[ English ]
A little late, but here are some photos from the last Brokenbeat and first one of the year, featuring L.A. based Cyber Patrol Unit (Bryant Place) on the visuals.

Probably one of the best nights I've seen so far, the dancefloor was still packed with people wanting more when the lights went on, it was very inspiring to me. Bryant visuals were hypnotic and while I was checking them out, they inspired me to create a motion piece for the next Brokenbeat night, I asked him to help me out and I think its coming along nice, this could be a new way to promote the night, were I can collaborate with different Vjs, locals as well as from abroad.

[ Castellano ]
Un poco tarde pero aca pongo algunas fotos del ultimo Brokenbeat, primero del ano, con la participacion del Angelino Cyber Patrol Unit (Bryant Place) en las visuales.

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