Monday, February 16, 2009

Recap: Brokenbeat February '09

[ English ]
Here are some of the photos and video from the last Brokenbeat Night this time, with live visuals by Xarene Eskandar and Naute, where they experimented with a new project, called Andiamo that Andres (Naute) is developing in Processing, to incorporate live drawing, realtime video tracking, and is performed in "team mode" with Modul8.
For those interested on the technical side of his project, you can learn more about it here.

[ Castellano ]
Aca algunas de las fotos y video de lo que fue el ultimo Brokenbeat Night, esta vez con las visuales en vivo de Xarene Eskandar y Naute, quienes experimentaron con un nuevo proyecto llamado Andiamo, que Andres (Naute) esta construyendo en Processing, y que utiliza dibujo y tracking de video en timpo real y es actuado en "modo equipo" con Modul8. Para aquellos interesados en sabes mas sobre la parte tecnica de este proyecto, pueden ver mas aca.

Click to Download
You can download Tom Burbank's live set from the night here,
(link will expire in 1 week).

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