Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sights + Sounds @ SDMA | Recap

[ English ]
Here are pictures and video from my gig with Starline Theorie at the San Diego Museum of Art, I pretty much abused my video camera at this event, the band had dancers so I focused on having them on the screen a lot, mixing live footage with my visuals, this is nothing new, but lately I been having some troubles with either a crowd of people between my camera and the performer, or just really dark venues where you really can't shoot (at least with my camera) cause it's too dark.
This time I was in some sort of mezzanine, where the view was perfect, so everything turn out well.

The video you see below, is the only song where I didn't use live feed, and it just happens to be the only one I recorded.

[ Castellano ]
Aqui fotos y video de my gig con Starline Theorie en el San Diego Museum of Art. En este evento abuse un poco mi camara de video, ya que la mayoria del tiempo estuve usando video en tiempo real de las bailarinas y los musicos para ponerlos en la pantalla mezclados con mis visuales, esto no es nada nuevo, pero ultimamente no se han dado las condiciones necesarias para que pueda usar esta tecnica, ya que o hay gente entre mi camara y los artistas o el espacio del evento esta muy oscuro para filmar. En esta ocasion estaba en una especie de balcon donde la vista era excelente por lo que salio bastante bien.
El video de abajo es el unico track donde no use la camara, y el unico que grabe esa noche.

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Blogger ben hanbury said...

Hey this looks wicked! But the youTube video seems different from the images? Do you have the video with the dancers?

2:17 AM  
Blogger Miguex said...

I actually do, but because I recorded this with the same camera I was using to do visuals, its not really nice to watch, there is a lot of tight shots / close ups on the artists so you can't really see the screens and how it the footage was mixed with the visuals.


1:59 PM  

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