Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Event: Broken Beat | 11.04.06

This Saturday!!
I will be performing visuals back to back with VJ Mezi.

Here is the Info:

Saturday, Nov 4th 2006

FRIK N FRAK ( Broken Beat / REUP) Laptop vs Vinyl

Es el dúo formado por Jon Baker y Kid Nasty.
Su sets son un proceso creativo que resulta de la mezcla entre los finos surcos del vinilo versus los códigos binarios de la computadora consiguendo siempre dosis de breaks y dub altamente bailables.

SKRAPEZ: TENSHUN & DETH SHEPARD Live Hip Hop Beats/ Turntablism

dirty hip hop beats and scratching created on the fly, coming out to BB night to perform a special set

DISRUPTOR ( SHARE SD ) Live Electronic

a tru hidden talent in the SD scene, Disrupter has released tracks on Audiocon and Ultramodern records
his live sets are an original mix of hypnotic glitch funk

CUTTY MAN ( Broken Beat) Vinyl

The cuttyman reaches into the vaults of vinyl once again

Visuals by : VJ SHIKAKU & VJ MEZI


Kadan in North Park, San Diego, California.
4696 30th street, (Corner of 30th & Adams Ave.)
21 + 9PM - 2 AM


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Monday, October 30, 2006

Total Scence @ Club Montage

[ English ]
Last Friday, I was lucky enough to share the booth with Q-Project from Total Science, doing the visuals for the night. What a night! It's been so long since I been to a drum n' bass event, it is my first love and it's the style of music that motivates me the most to make visuals to, All the local Djs that played where amazing as well, great night!.
I also got to play a little with the Pioneer DVJ turntables, wich I have never used before, although intimidating at first they where pretty easy to figure it out, and fun to use too.
Check back for video footage of the night!

[ Castellano ]
El Viernes pasado, tuve la suerte de compartir cabina con Q-Project de Total Science haciendo visuales durante esa noche. Increible! Hacia tanto que no iba a un buen evento de drum n bass, mi primer amor, y el estilo de musica que mas me motiva para hacer visuales. Todos los Djs fueron increibles, muy buena noche!.
Tambien pude jugar un poco con las Pioneer DVJ turntables, que nunca habia usado antes, al principio me intimidaron un poco pero fueron bastante facil de utilizar, y divertido tambien.
Pronto pondre un video sobre este evento.


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Friday, October 27, 2006

UVA Live | Buenos Aires

[ English ]
Here is a little clip I found from the OneDotZero festival that took place in Buenos Aires, featuring United Visual Artists.
As usually top notch, one of the many things I love about UVA is that the content is changing depending on where they are performing, I just noticed a lot of information on the screen that features a lot of local (from Argentina) feeds of random information about television networks / sattelite and news.

[ Castellano ]
Aqui un pequeno clip que encontre sobre la presentacion de United Visual Artists en el festival OneDotZero que se llevo a cabo en Buenos Aires hace poquito. Como es de esperar impecable. Una de las tantas cosas que me gustan de los actos de UVA es como cambian el contenido visual, dependiendo de donde esten llevando a cabo su acto, en las pantallas se puede leer lo que pareciera ser informacion sobre programacion televisiva, noticias varias e informacion satelital.

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Optronica | March 2007

[ English ]
Optronica is a hybrid of music festival and film festival taking place over 5 days in March 2007. in London, England. Resented as part of The PlayStation Season, the festival is organised by curators Cinefeel and artists/producers Addictive TV in partnership with the British Film Institute.
CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: visual music animations / music videos / video installations

Via: Shift

[ Castellano ]
Optronica Es un hibrido de festival de musica y cine con una duracion de 5 dias en el mes de Marzo del 2007 en Londres, Inglaterra. Organizado por Cinefeel y Addictive TV con el apoyo del
British Film Institute.

Via: Shift

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

06AV Festival | Cimatics

[ English ]
Cimatics brings you an extensive overview of what's taking place at the crossroads of sound, image, media, design, cinema and performance art. Ignoring the borders of diverse disciplines, the festival combines sound and visuals, mixing art with pop into a celebration of audiovisual culture.

[ Castellano ]
Cimatics presenta una revision extensa sobre lo que pasa en la encrucijada donde convergen el sonido, la imagen, el diseno, el cine y la perfromance en vivo. Ignorando las fronteras de estas disciplinas, el festival combina sonido y visuales, mezclando arte con pop en una celebracion de la cultura audiovisual.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Starline Theorie | Beauty Bar

[ English ]
Here are some photos from last night's event with Starline Theorie at the Beauty Bar.
Because I was doing the visuals it's always a bit hard to leave my gear and go the front and take pictures, I need to get a clone of myself so I can do both.

[ Castellano ]
Aca algunas fotos del evento de ayer por la noche junto a Starline Theorie en el Beauty Bar


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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Like a Pen | Andreas Nilsson

[ English ]
"Long time collaborator and art director of The Knife's audiovisual show Andreas Nilsson, makes his fourth video for the band. A colorful, hysteric journey starring a brown little curved fellow, that we simply don't know the english name of."

[ Castellano ]
"Colaborador y director de arte de los shows audiovisuales de The Knife, desde hace mucho tiempo, Andreas Nilsson, termina el cuarto video para la banda. Un viaje colorido e histerico protagonizado por un personaje marron del cual no sabemos como llamarlo en ingles"


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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Event: Visuals @ Beauty Bar

I will be profroming visuals along with Starline Theorie on October 23rd 2006, at the Beauty Bar, San Diego.
Very cool collective of several musicians with a cinematic sound, Come and say hello!


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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Moving Canvas

[ English ]
A project by Frédéric Eyl, Gunnar Green and Richard The.
" Moving Canvas is a collection of several proposals. They all have emerged from our reflection on the visual and symbolical importance of trains in an urban context and the possibility of exploiting their short-lived prominence as brief communicative moments."

[ Castellano ]
Un proyecto de Frédéric Eyl, Gunnar Green y Richard The.
" Canvas en Movimiento es una coleccion de varias propuestas. Todas han surgido de nuestra reflexion en la importancia visual y simbolica de los trenes en un contexto urbano y la possibilidad de explotar su corto plazo como una forma de comunicar momentos"


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Monday, October 09, 2006

Event: Total Science @ Club Montage

[ FRIDAY OCTOBER 27th 2006 ]

I will be performing live visuals at the following event:

KAOS Productions & Acidflyers.com present:
An evening of DRUM 'n' BASS & HOUSE music.
Featuring a stop on MARS NEEDS TOTAL SCIENCE Album World Tour

////////////// MAIN ROOM
TOTAL SCIENCE C.I.A. | Metalheadz | Hospital

DELANO Allen & Heath

MC's Deco Comprehension & Ridda
Opening set by: RONNIE b2b FRACTURE


////////////// HOUSE/VIP ROOM

Come show your halloween spirit and arrive in costume!

Doors Open @ 9pm | $12 before 11pm | 21+ w/ valid ID | 9pm-4am
Club Montage 2028 Hancock Street, San Diego, CA 92110


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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Stop Motion Test 01

[ English ]
Here is my first attempt in probably 15 years to stop motion, as a kid I used to make these with my dad's video camera and a bunch of playmobil, Now my set up is a bit better, I use my Canon 300D with Remote Capture then I export as Quicktime video using iPhoto. Nothing fancy, but I been meaning to get back into this for quite some time now, too bad I don't have my playmobils anymore.

[ Castellano ]
Aqui mi primer intento al stop motion despues de por lo menos unos 15 años, Cuando era chico me colgaba a hacer de estos con mis playmobil y la camara de video de mi padre. Ahora mis herramientas estan un poco mas avanzadas, En vez de video, use mi camara de fotos Canon 300D con Remote Capture, luego exporto a Quicktime video con iPhoto, nada especial, pero hacia tiempo que queria empezar a probar esto de nuevo, lastima que no tengo mas playmobil.

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